C412 Evans Washroom Cleaner Sanitiser

C412 Evans Washroom Cleaner Sanitiser
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Product Code:  C412


Highly perfumed ready to use washroom cleaner & disinfectant. Will kill bacteria & effectively remove general soiling for baths, washbasins, showers, toilets & tiles & leaves a long lasting fragrance in one application. Suitable for use on a variety of hard surfaces including stainless steel, porcelain, chrome, plastics, vitreous enamel, ceramic & painted surfaces.


Product Code:  C412
Size:  750ml
Colour:  Green
Odour:  Floral
Storage:  Store in original sealed container and protect from extremes of temperature.
Composition:  Contains a blend of nonionic surfactant, viscosity stabiliser, sequestering agent, quarternary ammonium compound, perfume & dye.

Features & Benefits

How to use
Cleans, disinfects & deodorises:  Spray onto surface & wipe with a clean damp cloth. For small areas spray onto cloth and wipe surface.
Final Touch:  Available in a 5lt bottle. To refill trigger spray dilute 1:4 parts cold water.

  • Extremely effective cleaner.
  • Kills a range of bacteria Including MRSA & Shigella sonnei (Dysentery)
  • Neutral pH. Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces.
  • Passes EN1276. Microbiology Profile available upon request.
  • Distinctive long lasting perfume to help overcome malodours.