C115 Evans Handsan Hand Sanitiser

C115 Evans Handsan Hand Sanitiser
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Product Code:  C115


Quick acting & highly effective alcohol bases hand sanitiser. Kills bacteria & viruses. Rapidly evaporates from hands without leaving residue or odour. Unperfumed, therefore suitable for wherever food is handled, prepared or served. Ideal for use in between patient contact In non-surgical medical care establishments.


Product Code:  C115
Size:  500ml
Colour:  Colourless
Odour:  Alcohol
Storage:  Store in original sealed container and protect from extremes of temperature.
Composition:  Isopropyl alcohol, aqua, glycerin, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, triethanolamine.

Features & Benefits

How to use
Hands:  Not suitable for use on hands with cuts or grazes, or on damaged skin. Drying hands is not necessary, as product will evaporate leaving skin refreshed & sanitised. Apply small amount approximately 3ml to palms and spread over hands & lower forearms, paying attention to cuticles & creases in skin. Rub well until skin is dry.

  • Passes EN1276 with a 30 second contact time.
  • Kills a wide range of bacteria & viruses.
  • Formulation contains 70% alcohol.
  • Added glycerine for skin protection.
  • Unperfumed, ideal for use in the food industry.
  • Suitable wherever soap & water is not readily available.
  • Available in 5lt bottles for extra economy.