Aloecare Latex Glove (GN34)

Aloecare Latex Glove (GN34)
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Product Code:  D13102


Beauty, Dental, Doctors, Laboratory, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Local authorities,
Motor Trade, Hospitals, Surgeries & Clinics.


Product Code: D131
Case Contents: 10 boxes x 100 gloves
Colour: Green
Sizes: Small - Large
Details: Powder free to reduce potential dust contamination. Textured to improve grip.


Aloe Vera:  The Aloe Vera will react to body heat, moisturising and hydrating skin to help keep hand soft and healthy.
Beaded Cuff:  For added strength and easier donning.
Durability:  The Aloe coating seems to make the glove more durable and less likely to tear while donning.
Green:  To distinguish from standard medical latex power free gloves.
Low Protein:  Minimising the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions.
International testing:  Tested to Lowry Method, LEAP Assay, Endotoxin and Chemical Residual.

  • Visually inspected for holes and minor defects.
  • Random samples are filled with 1000ml of water and examined for leaks.
  • Tested to AQL 1.5
  • Manufactured from natural rubber latex and Aloe Vera coated.
  • Typical force at break: 9 Newtons.
  • Typical elongation: 650%
  • Tested to EU standards EN455 parts 1,2,3 and 4.