C317 Evans Est-eem Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser

C317 Evans Est-eem Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser
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Product Code:  C317


Unperfumed, multi-purpose cleaner and terminal disinfectant. Recommended for use on a variety of surfaces including worktops, cutting boards, tables, refrigerators, vending machines, sinks & surrounds, tiles & general kitchen equipment.


Product Code:  C317
Size:  5ltr
Colour:  Colourless
Odour:  Unperfumed
Storage:  Store in original sealed container and protect from extremes of temperature.
Composition:  Contains a blend of quarternary ammonium compound, sequestering agent & nonionic surfactants.

Features & Benefits

How to use
Food Contact Surfaces:  Dilute 1:25 parts hot water (200ml per 5lt).
To pass EN1276 with a 30 second contact time under dirty conditions Dilute 1:20 parts hot water
(250ml per 5lt) or add 30ml to booml cold water in an Est-Eem RTU spray bottle.

Non Food Contact Surfaces:  Dilute 1:50 parts hot water (100ml per 5lt) Mop or wipe surface.
Allow to air dry.

  • Unperfumed.
  • Cleans & disinfects in one operation.
  • Residual, leaves surfaces free from bacteria for up to 7 days.
  • Kills bacteria and helps prevent the spread of infection.
  • Formulated especially for the food & catering Industry.
  • Passes British & EU Test Method BS EN1276.
  • Available In ready to use formulation in 750ml trigger spray bottle.

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