C532 Evans Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner

C532 Evans Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner
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Product Code:  C532


Highly efficient window, glass & stainless steel cleaner. it will quickly remove grime & leave a sparkling streak free finish. Also suitable for cleaning various surfaces including chrome, plastic, computer keyboards, glass screens and surrounds, ceramic, porcelain, mirror & stainless steel.


Product Code:  C532
Size:  750ml
Colour:  Blue
Odour:  Alcoholic
Storage:  Store in original sealed container and protect from extremes of temperature & sources of ignition.
Composition:  Contains a blend of alcohol, glycol ether, anionic surfactant, dye.

Features & Benefits

How to use
Undiluted. Spray sparingly directly onto surface and wipe clean immediately with a clean, dry cloth. For small areas, spray directly onto cloth and wipe surface.

  • Cleans quickly and effectively.
  • Provides sparkling, streak free results.
  • Especially effective in removing finger marks in lifts & surrounds.
  • Available in 5lt bottles for extra economy.