C108 Trigon Bactericidal Hand Soap

C108 Trigon Bactericidal Hand Soap
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Product Code:  C108


Doctors, Dentists, Vets, Nursing homes, Care homes, Schools and Hospitals.


Product Code:  C108
Colour:  Pale Turquoise
Sizes:  5ltr
Storage:  Protect from extremes of temperature.
Composition:  Made and packaged in recycled and recyclable materials.

Features & Benefits

How To Use
Wet hands and apply the hand wash undiluted. Spread evenly over the hands and forearms. Rub hands together paying special attention to cuticles and in between the fingers. Rinse in clean water and dry hands thoroughly.

  • Contains a special emollient for added skin protection.
  • Provides a rich creamer lather and a thorough cleansing action.
  • Unperfumed, suitable for use wherever food is handled.