C213 Evans Glasswash

C213 Evans Glasswash
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Product Code:  C213


Concentrated low foam detergent formulated to remove soil from drinking glasses & leave them clean & bright. Suitable for use In all types of automatic glass washing machines.


Product Code:  C213
Size:  5ltr
Colour:  Undyed
Odour:  Characteristic
Storage:  Store in original sealed container and protect from extremes of temperature.
Composition:  Contains a blend of sodium hydroxide & sequestering agents.

Features & Benefits

How to use
Dispense into automatic glass washing machine through an electronic dispenser at a ratio of 1-3ml per litre, depending on soiling and water hardness, in accordance with the machine manufacturers instructions.

  • Removes soil deposits & provides clean & hygienic glassware.
  • Prevents soil & limescale being re-deposited.
  • Does not affect beer head retention.
  • Effective in all water conditions.
  • Supplied in a natural see-through container to easily check the volume.